Newest Additions to our Product Line


Collapsible plastic barricade that’s easy to set up and store

  • Stack more on your truck!
    - units use 65% less space than drums
  • Quick set-up
    - spring loaded feet quickly release for placement
  • Lies flat when hit
  • Replaceable sheeting panels
    - recessed panels are removable, just clip on new panels
  • Anti-skid pads on feet reduce movement in work zones
  • 7 lb. feet - filled with silica sand
    - optional ballast boots snap on feet adding 20 lbs. each
  • Molded-in light receptacle for “D” cell battery lights
  • NCHRP-350 Accepted, Meets MUTCD Standards

    Dimensions: 33"W x 42.5"H x 3"D
    Weight: 29 lbs., 69 lbs. with ballast boots

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 MDI Traffic Control

WindMaster® Sign Stands

  • WindMaster® Sign Stands have been engineered using the highest quality components and thoroughly tested to ensure exceptional performance. The bases are equipped with springs that have strong initial tension to resist twisting and turning of sign in high wind gusts. The aircraft aluminum legs have kick-release buttons to simplify set-up and take-down and rubber caps for traction. Each leg is adjustable for stability on curbs or uneven terrain. All WindMaster® Sign Stands are NCHRP 350-accepted.

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 ISO Stainless

ISO Stainless is an American manufacturer of a wide range of stainless steel products used for banding, bracket mounting and as closure devices.  We also manufacture the tools you will need to install and work with these devices. 

 MUTCD Regulatory and Warning DOT Traffic Signs
  • Direct attention to hazardous areas or communicate important information.
  • Universal MUTCD symbols ensure motorist and pedestrian safety.
  • Custom regulatory and warning signs are available to your specifications.
  • Regulatory and warning signs use easily visible LED illumination.
  • LED regulatory and warning signs are bright, easy to read in all lighting conditions - even direct sunlight.
  • Energy-efficient, low power consuming, life span of more than 11 years.
 Safety and Warning Signs
  • Warn motorists of oncoming traffic and direct attention to clearance safety
  • Alert drivers of "Do Not Enter" areas, crosswalks or emergency lanes
  • Warning signs are essential for maintaining a safe environment in your parking garage
  • LED warning signs are bright and easy to read in all lighting conditions.
  • Energy-efficient and low power consuming warning signs have a life span of more than 11 years.
  • Custom warning signs are available to your specifications.
 Carsonite AcoustaShield Sound Barriers
  • Meets AASHTO and DOT sound wall guidelines
  • Can be modified and cut in the field
  • Low maintenance over life of product
  • Wide variety of colors available
  • Spans up to 18 feet Graffiti resistant
  • Will not rust, rot or corrode
  • Lightweight, easily installed with minimal equipment and crew

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 Bridge, Tunnel & Tollway Signs
  • Wide-angle, high performance LEDs, for increase visibility in all lighting
    conditions and from more than 1,000 feet away.
  • Rated for 100,000 hours of life, Trans-Tech's signs for bridges, tunnels and tolls are virtually maintenance free.
  • They conform to MUTCD layouts and are fabricated from corrosion resistant materials.

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 Red Storm Parking System

RedStorm™ 2.0 answers the question... Are there any open spaces?

  • The RedStorm™ 2.0 Parking Guidance System is a stand-alone system that combines real-time vehicle counting with Space Available and end of aisle signs.
  • It's accurate.
    You can count on The RedStorm™ System to detect vehicles even when there's tailgating. We use infra-red technology to detect vehicular movement. Our sensors use a 7 foot wide sensing field to provide maximum coverage over the traffic lane and a narrow 3" deep sensing field to ensure it can detect individual cars even in bumper to bumper traffic situations.
  • It's the simple, low cost parking solution.
    - Installs without structural changes; no cement to cut
    - No software to install.
  • It's a versatile parking guidance system.
    RedStorm™ is a fit for existing parking facilities as well as new construction. It can be installed with our sensor technology or designed to interface with a 3rd party loop detection system. And it's scalable. RedStorm™ is engineered to support basic global count garage applications (just counts the cars entering and exiting) and robust enough to handle complex level by level counts as well as multi-lot campus style parking.
  • It is a GREEN parking solution.
    The combination of RedStorm's Space Available signs and real-time car counting capabilities makes finding an open parking space faster, more efficient and eliminates parking congestion.
    Faster Parking = Lower Exhaust Emissions and Improved Air Quality.
  • When you choose RedStorm™ you choose a system that is
    - Capable of delivering accurate counts even when tailgating occurs
    - Compatible with new and existing 3rd party loop detection equipment
    - Ideal for service driven industries with non-revenue control parking garages and lots
    - Supported by a trained network of providers and an engineering team in the U.S.A.

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