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Your Vinyl Film and Adhesive Coated Tape Source...

If your business could benefit from leading edge sign products and a reliable full-line supplier... ATSM has you covered!

  • ATSM has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality sign products since 1980.
  • As a manufacturer, ATSM controls the quality of their products.
  • ATSM is the only manufacturer to cast vinyl on mylar....a process that produces a higher gloss than any other substrate.
  • Because ATSM controls production, they're in a better position to meet custom requirements and can maintain a full supply of standard inventory items.
  • ATSM has the only 10-year vinyls that pass world government DOT specifications.

  • Located just outside New Orleans, in Covington, LA, It Straps On is an American manufacturer of stainless steel banding and strapping systems. While at first glance these products might seem small and relatively simple, don’t let their size fool you. Stainless steel banding and strapping are used extensively in commercial, industrial and municipal settings.
  • ISO has been manufacturing these products since 1994 and now ships them all over the world. In fact, ISO has received the Presidential "E Star" Award for Exports in 2014, and received the "E" Award for Exports in 2008.
 Carsonite Composites

Carsonite Composites is a leading U.S. supplier of highway safety products. They've spent more than two decades researching and developing composite technologies to provide a family of high-performance markers and accessories unparalleled in the industry. They continually test their products to ensure superior quality year after year.

Their product line includes:

  • Delineator Posts
  • Glare Screen
  • Sound wall barriers
  • Surface mount posts
 MDI Traffic Control

MDI was incorporated in 1965 as Marketing Displays, Inc.  It soon became well-established by launching significant innovations including PosterGrip®, the first spring-loaded, continuous-hinge, front-loading frame, and WindMaster®, the first curb sign capable of withstanding 75-mph winds without blowing over.  These products, as well as many other MDI innovations, have become world standards and are being used on virtually every continent.

  • In 1975, MDI Traffic Control Products was launched.  It has since revolutionized signage used for temporary traffic control at work zones and emergency situations.  MDI Traffic Control Products is now one of the major suppliers to the Construction, Utility, and Emergency Responder industries.
  • The success of the company is built on three vital ingredients: quality products, quality design and—most important—quality service to customers.  Solving customer problems and exceeding customer expectations give us our greatest satisfaction.

Innovative manufacturer of the pi-Lit Sequential Light System. System can be controlled with a remote device. Lights are available in both traffic cone and barricade design.

A safer alternative to traditional barricade lights. Designed and manufactured entirely in the USA.


Plasticade is a leading marketer and manufacturer of products that help businesses grow.

Products are thoroughly tested and developed to meet or exceed the standards set by the Federal Highway Administration. Made from high-durability plastic polymers, they can withstand repeated impacts from vehicles and exposure to the elements.

 Qwick Kurb, Inc.

Durable, traffic curbing system complete with delineators. Ideal for railroad crossings, medians, intersections, roundabouts, and traffic lane separators.


Signal-Tech manufacturers LED signs and signals for the parking and traffic control industries. An expert in sign customization Signal-Tech (formerly Trans-Tech) has been providing unique signage solutions for a wide variety of applications for more than 80 years.

Their parking and traffic control products are proudly manufactured in the United States, with the highest quality of material and workmanship. LED signs are energy-efficient, have a life span of more than 11 years, and carry a 5-year warranty.